100 Greatest Video Games of All Time


  This question was brought on the table maybe to much. To make a list of 100 best video games, classics who change not only the course of game design but even the quality of entertainment world is a slow and long process. Often related as art, video games have a value for its own era, video games who made impact till now . So as the listing here will be right that, every video game is taken as such, which make something to bring the gaming enjoyable for us now.

Some points taken the list is not in chronological order and it's rated from own experience.

100. The Golden Eye 007 (1997)


Somewhere it was stated that this was the game after Mario 64 for N64 owners were waited. And they are right,from the story which is closely following the plot of the movie James Bond Golden Eye from 1995 to the excellent graphic and details(bullet holes, smoke..etc.), this game was sold eight million copies worldwide. This was not another first-person shooter everyone was afraid for instead was a lesson how to make good fps. The single player part of this game is highly rated, free roam and clever 3D map design, multiply quest to do, also the five different modes for multiplayer included 2 to 4 splint screen option. On the music side is one more plus , followed with awesome soundtrack and ambient sound design this game deserve place among the 100 list. 

99. Grim Fandango (1998)


For this peace of art words are too much for describing. Funny and original adventure game, one of a kind following the story of the main protagonist Manny Calavera and his incredible journey to afterlife. This game is inspired by the Mexican Day of the dead and it fills the holes excellently, including memorable characters, puzzles ,and great writing. Game which stood the test of time, even so they have made remastered version of this hilarious adventure game. Go grab it if you haven't played it yet, it is worth all the money and spent time.

98. Silent Hill 2 (2001)


Even writing the short description I am overwhelmed with shivers. Konami made a masterpeace of this awkwardly disturbing and atmospheric horror game. From the beginning and receiving a strange letter, the main character(James Sunderland) is on a adventure to find his "lost" wife. I mean dead ...yes she is dead and she sent letter. What?... And then all it begins, from the foggy atmospheric town to the claustrophobic interiors, you will notice and feel the quality this developer made. Excellent puzzles, memorable characters, sound design everything is perfect and in order. Video game which shaken some of the questions never mentioned before, suicide, sexual abuse. However I recommend this game remember you will find beauty in this game, after the loneliness and depression get over you which are guaranteed. And the static noise... brrr.

97. Icewind Dale (2000)


Released in 2000 this was my entry for RPG's which have quality over quantity. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeon & Dragons, venturing in the icy northernmost part called Icewind Dale. Differentiating of its counterpart Baldur's Gate was the "lack" of story (the plot is awesome), as such for many it was the simple "dungeon crawler with little story telling". It is and always will took the second place after Baldur's Gate that's for sure, however it takes the part of the list for the wonderful atmospheric winter setting, evolving story, varied gameplay and excellent music. Did i mentioned the character acting, just incredible.Highly recommended video game, and you can grab the enhanced version even for those who have played it.

96. Doom (1993)

Comparing the game only by the graphics now is pointless, in a way. And how can I compare the feel and experience when I first played this game. Lost without words absorbing every part of the game enjoying the map designs which now looks bit funny and slaughtering the horde of demons I ruined all grades in school. Now I'm not sure that someone will even play this, considering they have made excellent remake with high end graphics ...etc. However this game is a legend among games and deserves a place on the list.

95. Rainbow Six Raven Shield (2003)

Immediately after starting writing this particular short description for Raven Shield I was forced to play it. This game will not die, never. Any fan knows the potential of this masterpiece, even so after 2003 Ubisoft released some patches for the multiplayer part of the game fixing some of the stuff. However if you want to experience the game in a proper way download RavenShield 2.0 mod and enjoy. From the difficulty level which was not present in that time, variety for completion of missions , team guiding, ordering to the good character customization. You could change everything from the outfit, multiple weapons, gadgets etc. Even so bit confusing but good mission planing, send the teams in own path and enjoy the rage quit when you mistake the planing. Simply gem of its own time. 

94. Warcraft 3 (2002)

RTS like no one, no more little figures running across the map. That was my first impression of the game, all characters are bigger and you can see every part of the armor or some "new" sword also the animations for the spells excellent. Beautiful graphics followed with the acceptable sound design. This game is played even now in form of numerous mods and deathmatch parties. Funny thing is that Blizzard released new patch in march even so the game is almost old 15 years. In the end I can write more about this game however for every fan of World Of Warcraft or the new movie should play this game and have own experience with it ... this game was guilty for existence of Dota 2 just a though. 

93. Mount & Blade: Warband (2010)

I would put this game in sandbox rts genre , this Turkish company called Tale Worlds Entertainment made very confusing game ( for the new beginners ) , but after some good learning curve you will be hooked on it. This game is not focusing on graphics and with the huge army battle at once on the screen its better this way, yep huge battles. Mostly is focusing on mounted horseback combat and giving orders to the fellow comrades. So you start and after a small tutorial you are free to do whatever you want , go wherever you want on the huge world map. The choice is only for the player and this is where the games shines at most. You could even be a King... after you realize that you haven't slept for 3 days in a row. I recommend this game to everyone give it a chance and don't forget to dig around for mods the community is large and you will be surprised what changes they make.

92. Wolf Among Us (2013)

Telltale is a well known developer for it's release of Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones games. Who played those games it's sure that the same quality and game play is considered in Wolf Among Us. It comes in separate episodes like the earlier games and it is one of the things I didn't like it though, money making machine with separate parts of the story... SO if you want to know what will be in the end you need to buy them all. The bad thing about the game was first mentioned but lets change the subject, the good part is the story telling in the game and that is the strongest point. Graphics are not priority here (even though I like them), but the flow how you develop the character and see the changes made by your own choices, leading to further consequences and unwrapping the story behind. 

91. Elder Scrolls Skyrim (2011)

Ask around or read some user reviews and see why is this the most played game. Bethesda surely made one of the most buggiest game, however with the help of the users and excellent modding tools this title was rated as one of the best games in 2011. Even now people are still playing this game with tons of modification added furthering the enjoyment. Yes it is a joy to play it and you can pass more than 100 hours only to see that you only scratched the surface of the story. One advice don't download too many mods. 

90. GTA V (2013)

Rockstar North made masterpiece, released in September 2013 and with little waiting almost a year for the next-gen consoles and two years for the PC version GTA V was worth waiting. As the fifteenth installment of Rockstars crime world in the GTA universe the wait time was certainly approved. Everything from the graphic side, ambient sounds, music is perfectly done. Every single weapon have a own style and weight included as well the vehicles which are plenty in Los Santos. Storytelling is the other most important thing in this game, giving us three different characters with own "style and weight" the game is even better, reflecting the core issues in our own society. As a sandbox open world crime game you are in the freedom to complete and mission or critical story part of the game in a own manner. This game surely gives the best tutorial, teaching us that almost every part of the game will be different if replayed. Including the late multiplayer was a nice surprise with the contract missions and different user made mods. I am sure you will not drop this game under 100 hours and with the great replayability, excellent game play this game deserve a place among the 100.

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