should I make an intro for Black Desert and not overreact. About a game that you can talk and talk, discus every single little feature that offers... so in the end you will miss something important. Is it good or bad I will try and cover some of the mechanics I personally think they are worth mentioning ...meaning only touching the surface what Black Desert Online can offer to a gamer. 

  Black Desert Online belongs in the category of action, sandbox  MMORPG with large huge world to be explored. Taken the point that "now" was released the new expansion called Margoria, the land mass was tripled. For those who know how huge is this game they know what I'm trying to prove here. Black Desert is enormous and with the clever design it is never a boring experience, like most of the open sandbox games. The fact that every part of the world has own story is a plus.

  Right from the beginning you will be overwhelmed, this isn't typical MMORPG. The mechanics in BDO are far from what we have been experiencing in other online games. However that's not the bad thing, start slowly and you will be on the right track. I'm giving this advice cause simply rushing it even from the beginning will give you such a headache and probably you will quit this game forever, believe me Black Desert is worth of your attention.

  Here comes the bad part, the tutorial in this game is not existent by me. Yes, sure you pop in the game and learn about the simple mechanics, but if you don't spend some time for reading some guides or tutorials on the net you will be lost. Maybe the intention was simply that, knowledge in this game have a huge part in the mechanics how Black Desert is played. It is confusing at moments but is rewarding in the end.

  Combat feature is something I don't want to waste my time on. Explaining combat in Black Desert can be done with one word...simply awesome. Every class have variety of awesome moves and abilities it can use, and thanks the developers you will not see TAB-targeting here. What you do, whatever combo you successfully pull out is only because you manage carry out. It is a huge learning curve but rewarding as I mentioned before.

  One thing is not clear for me, why the developers made nearly awesome game but they gender lock the classes. This part was the most frustrating for me, honestly I was thinking making a male ranger...half-elf with pointy ears and I'm staring at the monitor with simply the only option to make female ranger character. This was a great fallback for me until I entered the character creation part. I cannot stress this enough, how was the character creation tool made. It is by far the best feature I have ever seen and cannot be compared to other online games.
BDO character creation tool
  Moving on.. as this is not a tutorial article I will be brief about some things you can expect from Black Desert and are worth mentioning them. From learning a thing or two about contribution points ( or investment points ), energy and skill points to life skills, workers and overall trading economy in this game you will be stuck in BDO the moment you try to achieve everything. This is where the sandbox part comes into play, you are free to do anything you want and how you want... except the leveling part. Questing here is done in a different way, not the way like we are used in other mmorpg's. They are categorized in multiple types/groups like combat quests, life quests or fishing quest etc... giving rewards like potions, contribution points, life skill points and so on. Leveling is strictly based on grinding and it is the fastest way. Yes everything you do in this game will give a bit of xp, but grinding the best mobs at the best place is better rewarding. For those who are not keen on grinding don't worry it counterparts with the awesome combat mechanics.
Main transportation for Valencia Desert
  As I said expect things to be difficult and frustrating sometimes. Even now I laugh the first time I tried to catch a horse, nothing was explained. What do I need, where to find a mount, why this game does not have "taxi" services or portal ? And that's the beauty of BDO, from catching your first mount, or simply go and explore this beautiful world and be adventurer is something that I appreciate a lot. When I say beauty this game can only be compared with Witcher 3, the similarities are present only this is a mmorpg. The graphics are excellent, the design of the world ...everything is perfectly placed. Until you start dropping frames cause the game is still not optimized. Sure you can run it but the pop up glitches are present everywhere, and mostly in crowded areas.

   So be on your guard, if you don't have enough decent pc configuration you will not be able to play this game. Even so people with high end gaming pc's are complaining about the poor optimization and huge frame drops.

  Overall this game is good however some serious things need to be considered. Features like the cash shop, the lack of armor weapon variety will only draw players away from Black Desert. On first hand it looks like pay to win game but it's not. I mean c'mon you can get the game for only 10$, who cares about fashion items, or pets. OK pets are needed here a lot cause they are used for the purpose of looting the items for you. Yes Black Desert Online fells sometimes as P2W model and I can't stress enough about how they locked some things so you will be forced to spend money.

- Beautiful immersive world  
- Parkour system
- Horse breeding
- Karma system ( mostly used for PVP )
- Housing 
- Mount combat
- Good soundtrack
- Day and night cycle
- Sailing, ocean exploration
- Large scale pvp
- Bad tutorial 
- Optimization can be improved greatly 
- After 50lvl grinding starts to be repetitive 
- Lack of Raids and PVE content
- No armor and weapon variety
- Some game designs can be improved like NPC talking and overall translation
- Pearl shop
  In the end I can only say positive about Black Desert, don't mind the pearl shop and just enjoy the game for what it is. Even so I mentioned for 10$ you get the full game and every patch and expansion in the future, so sure the developers need to make money and spending real money on pets or anything will only support them. Black Desert is not a World of Warcraft killer and never will be, however it is a masterpiece of its own.



Black Desert Online Review !


  Are you bored from the same old same from the Google play market ? "Strategy" games that don't have any strategy in them, simple yet overly advertised games that got boring in 10 min play like 90% of the games offered. 
             ...well I am too !
  For every gamer there some rules to be followed and the most important is game can be repetitive if it counters with good gameplay and feeling of progression. I said strategy cause they make all the same games in this way ... only part is the repetitiveness is too high and the gameplay sucks. The Trail cannot compare with any of those games, just giving the example that some people are moving forward from the old same pattern when designing a game.


  22cans made awesome job here. Bringing something new and fresh on the market, even as a F2P model. 

  They nailed it on the graphic part, beautiful environments to be seen and explored. From foresty regions to jungles, desert and snowy mountains. It will be a long journey and sometimes repetitive and hard, back tracking only to acquire more materials for crafting new tools, clothes, food. And yes there is a crafting and the implementation is good. However here comes the F2P model issues. Some items cant be made and if you don't wont to farm and backtrack you can pay and acquire the proper materials. Or even buy much better clothes or tools than you will ever craft them. 
So said that this game should be played casual if you are not keen on paying a cent and just enjoy what have to offer. I will not give any more information cause will share only spoilers. Did I mentioned this game have one of the best soundtracks I ever heard, yes on the sound part they nailed too. Good over voice and bit of humor now and then. 

  Final thoughts try this game and give it a chance, if you like it support the developers and spend a cent or two. They deserve it and give the message to others this is how mobile gaming should look. You can check the game here.


The Trail Review

  First thing first, this is not a sponsored post and I am not payed in any way for writing this. This post is merely an advice for people who want or will buy a pc game now or in the future. 
 However taken the point that we are overwhelmed with advertising from all over, for some people is a hard thing choosing the right place (safest) and furthermore the cheapest way.
   On this list I will consider by me the best places to look up on to ... for the other (worst) part I will not share any info cause even mentioning them here is not deserved. The list will be short but reliable and trustworthy for your time and money. Speaking of money I will only post the places where can you look up on buying it even cheaper than Steam, Uplay, Origin and similar.

Main stores I always buy from and I recommend giving a shot next time you think buying a game.


 This is my personal and by far the favorite place of buying. Looking up back I owe Gamesplanet a big thanks. As a trusted source for buying more than 60 games ...even some bundles I saved more than enough to buy a new gamer laptop ...ok maybe not that much and it wasn't a gamer laptop but I got many good deals from them.
 By the way if you ever intend of checking up Gamesplanet connect trough steam group @forUNCUT and you get even more discount from them. Last time I have checked was 3% discount, this may change in the future. I'll provide 2 links below so you can familiarize more about this option:


 Nice experience at Green Man Gaming, good prices, good customer support and trustworthy. That's all I can say about GMG they are good not excellent, once I found Gamesplanet, GMG was mine second option and favorite store. The main reason are the prices which I will not give examples here, however checking GMG for good promotions and sales is always the option.

Humble Bundle

  Most favorite place of buying game bundles and the reason that this people know their work. Offering good prices and even promoting (not forcing) charity for every bundle bought. Every week they are promoting new game bundles which are selected with the same feature pay what you want. Prices are selected from 1$ to full price and the whole bundle, usually 15$ and more ...the most best part is that you get more games, for the less price. However this should not be suitable every time you buy, best option by me is pay the regular price for the game and donate it to the developers the site or the charity ...all in all its your choice. 
  GOG or usually known as Good Old Games is a gaming store for as the name describes old games. You can find variety of computer video games from 1990 to 2000 all the classics like Grim Fandango, Commandos series ,Baldur's Gate and more. Even if they are selling old retro games, their market in the past years is spreading out adding more new video games ... the best part all the games bought at GOG are DRM free. For more info about DRM check here.

If all else fails look upon this sites and use them as tools for checking up prices, promotions, vouchers and other. 

Is There Any Deal

  As stated Is There Any Deal is a tool for looking up best promotions of games, showing and comparing deals from Steam, Gamesplanet, GamersGate, Impulse, GreenManGaming, Desura, Get Games, IndieGalaStore and more for four main regions. The site is easy to use, first you enter the name of the game in the search box, you choose the version of the game or dlc... etc and finally compare prices from the selected list. Easy to use and very helpful. 

Same as IsThereAnyDeal this site can be used as tool for comparing prices and deal. They collect pricing data from Steam, Amazon, GreenManGaming, GamersGate, Uplay and more. Worth checking out. 

  Final tip if you are not sure about the credibility of such stores use the followed site's as a tool for checking up various information and reviews, or read up the forums on various sites.


  Personal favorite and not only used for gaming deals, but for any site present at the moment. What they do is explained with the simple sentence when you arrive at their page "Check how safe a Website is to buy from !!" ... entering the site name they will provide you with various information from their site score to details of ownership and facebook reviews. Please don't check my site ...joke check it and if you can make an review.

 Same as Scamadviser, their description says "URLVoid is a free service that analyzes a website through multiple blacklist engines and online reputation tools to facilitate the detection of fraudulent and malicious websites.

To end this article the best way is to always research before buying, Google is your friend here. As mentioned before find some forums, reddit anything that will help you make the decision.  
Final note : for Blizzard games always buy from Blizzard store only .... do not look on other places promoting cheap vouchers ,game time ...etc  

If you liked this article and want more useful hint and tips than why not subscribe to our newsletter. As always share any opinion about the best way to buy computer games, places where to look upon and the best places to research, your comment is always welcomed.

Best Places To Buy PC Games

Fixing Windows 10 “The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error” is possible trough System Recovery Options. The constant restarting loop is most annoying however there is a solution. As mentioned before we can try and fix it while we are still present at the error state ,this are similar solutions however the approach is different. 

You’ll need to use Registry Editor again but first boot trough System Recovery Options to do that navigate to Repair Your Computer option as shown at the picture :

Repair Installation
  • Navigate to Advanced Options then click on Command Prompt

    Command Promt
  • Write regedit in CMD and press Enter to start Registry Editor.
    • Once Registry Editor is open ,go to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup\Status\ChildCompletion" and double click the setup.exe in the right pane. Change the value data from 1 to 3 and click OK to save changes.

    Registry Editor
    • Close Registry Editor and restart your computer.

    Fix Windows 10 "Computer restarted unexpectedly" trough System Recovery

    Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 How To Fix It !

    The computer restarted unexpectedly...

    Windows 10 system comes with some flaws ,by that I mean installation process of Windows 10 isn’t always simple. This error message “The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error” is mostly caused by an interruption of the power supply such as power failure or pressing restart during the final stage of windows installation process. This can be a big problem, but there is a possible solution for this issue.

    First you’ll need to use Registry Editor and to do that while you are installing Win 10 follow this steps :

    • When you see “The computer restarted unexpectedly” error message press Shift + F10 on your keyboard. This should open Command Prompt.
    • Write regedit and press Enter to start Registry Editor.
    • Once Registry Editor is open ,go to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup\Status\ChildCompletion" and double click the setup.exe in the right pane. Change the value data from 1 to 3 and click OK to save changes.
    • Close Registry Editor and restart your computer.
    Registry Editor
    If all fails there is another more detailed way of fixing the constant loop and "unexpected error" trough the System Recovery Options.

    "The computer restarted unexpectedly" Windows 10 FIX

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